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 Sunday, June 21, 2009

‘a nice trip to Jogja’, my lil son told me this morning after we arrived from a trip to Jogja.

It’s been for sometime when I wish to have a trip to Jogja, and at last after some coordination to make sure that the household and my job could work well when we traveling, we decided to travel to Jogja at the 18th.
Three of us was on that trip, my eldest son didn’t on the mood to came after.
We started the trip at 2.30pm after I and my husband finishes jobs that we should done that morning and also we had a quick lunch.

It was a sunny day and the traffic was not too crowded, so we could enjoy the trip even though the road are twist and turns but with a smooth surface and wide enough to make a move.

After about three and a half hours on road, we entered the portal of middle java province. Here we come …. what a road! It was really different with the roads of the west java province. Roads at the middle java province are not that smooth and not that wide and not that clean. Some part of the roads was under construction, with the gravel are scattered around along the road.
Finally we arrived at Purwokerto, a little nice town. After some phone calls, short messages and they picked us up, we could reach our friend’s house. It’s a nice family, and a nice hospitality. My lil son allowed playing game with the pc, we had chit chat while the laptop is on and of course with an open plurk account.

And, we had dinner there! Really nice home made meal by the wife.

Thank you to the Endar‘s family for the servicing. And thank you too to Superaman who drove the motorcycle from his town Kroya straight to Purwokerto to joined us.

Our visit was about two hours, and we had to go on our trip to Jogja. It was about three hours to get there.

Again, what a road! There was three bridges that under construction, but lucky us, we went through the bridges at midnight. Not stuck at all.

At about 1 o’clock in the early morning we started to search a hotel in Jogja. Yes we didn’t reserve hotel yet, we want to have a little adventure with trying to find a hotel. Yes we got the adventure! We got a guest house that only left a little room at the second floor after one and a half hours searching.

Some target hotels was fully booked. Although it is a small guest house with only 8 guest rooms, but the facility is complete enough. With the antique look from the building plus the furniture, it was nice enough to spend the night.

That was the starting day. Just wait for the story of the day two at Jogja.


About ami

kami ingin berbagi cerita kehidupan, gagasan dan peluang berkarya. terima kasih kepada yang telah bersedia meluangkan waktu untuk membuka halaman blog kami. salam Lihat semua pos milik ami

8 responses to “starting day

  • endar

    waduh mbak saya menuju baru komentar ya….
    terima kasih sekali sudah berkunjung ke gubuk saya. mungkin ini kunjungan pertama dan terakhir mbak soalnya saya mau pindah.
    kang itu artinya, saya tunggu liburannya ke bandung bersama keluarga. begituu 😀

  • superaman

    terimakasih atas kunjungannya..
    sayang, kemaren blom sempat mampir ke gubuk reyotku di dunia nyata..
    kapan-kapan mampir ya mas, mbak..
    smoga sukses selalu (goodluck)
    insya allah lain waktu diniati ke kroya, mohon maklum perjalanan pulang yang dibawa cape dan ngantuk 😀

  • Eka Situmorang-Sir

    Waiting for the next story.
    where did u go in Jogja mbak?
    Share it pleaseeee
    next week I’ll be there too 🙂
    next week? you can find interesting places here eka . have a nice trip

  • ajengkol

    Wow senengnya hehehe Insya Allah liburan semesteran ini saya akan manfaatkan untuk kopdar juga mbakyu … maaf belum sempet main ke bandung
    iya mbak ditunggu kapan ke bandungnya

  • cahsholeh

    di Jogja sampai kapan???
    yaah dah di bandung ini kang

  • suryaden

    wuah… tes komeng bahasa inggris…
    just look forward for nice trip to Jogja at next post, great writing.. 😆
    wkwkwk tes nulis coro inggris ki

  • itempoeti

    happy…, happy… and happy…
    thanks to you Sweetheart…
    same2 lah, me too happy 🙂

  • Pradna

    hwaaa…me pass going home pati,can’t follow this coffee-land! (cry_ka_kosehan)

    (terjemahan buebas : hwaaa…inyong pas mulih nyang Pati,ndak bisa ikut kopi-darat ini je!)
    wkwkwk another day lah sure can meet

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